I O T A (Sally Barker,  Marion Fleetwood & Anna Ryder)

I O T A (Sally Barker, Marion Fleetwood & Anna Ryder)

Friday 27th April


I O T A: Three big musical personalities unite to form a four-letter word !

The power of three is exemplified by trio Anna Ryder, Marion Fleetwood and Sally Barker who perform together as 'I O T A'.  Described as 'The Thinking Man's Bananarama' they evoke the spirit and musical energy of the Roches whilst channeling the Supremes, Destiny's Child and Charlie's Angels !!

Anna & Marion are multi-instrumentalists, all 3 write, sing and sway in perfect harmony.


annA rydeR is a multi-instrumentalist musical dynamo, an original and inventive singer-songwriter with a musical style that, although based in folk, spans an array of genres.  she intertwines this fluency with a poetic and intimate lyricism, communicating her unique take on the world around her.  Her captivating stage presence is combined with a playful approach to performing which reaches out to the whole audience. 

annA has played all over the UK and Europe, from small clubs to large festivals, and has six studio albums under her belt, featuring some of British folk's finest musicians. annA played as guest support to Fairport Convention’s Winter Tour and has appeared at their Cropredy Convention numerous times with sets of her own as well as with the Fairports and others. She has performed and recorded with Eddi Reader, Fairport Convention, All About Eve, Bob Fox, Clive Bunker (ex-Jethro Tull drums), Steve Tilston, Jacqui McShee, Tom Leary, Keith Donnelly and many more.   www.annaryder.co.uk/ 


Whether singing the songs of Sandy Denny in the reformed Fotheringay, as a member of revered fem-folk group The Poozies, a solo artist supporting Bob Dylan, Robert Plant and Richard Thompson or Tom Jones' finalist on BBC TV's The Voice, Sally Barker brings any song gloriously to life. 

A singer/songwriter whose back catalogue encompasses folk, jazz, blues and soul, she reduced Sir Tom Jones to tears as he mentored her through to the final of The Voice 2014. 

She remains fiercely independent and true to her craft either solo (2017 CD 'GHOST GIRL') or as a duo with Vicki Genfan (recent CD 'IN THE SHADOW OF A SMALL MOUNTAIN') or duo with Brook Williams (forthcoming CD in 2018).

A truly captivating performer as much at home in a folk club as on national television.  "Sally changes the atmosphere in a room when she sings" (BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans).



Marion has been a familiar face in the British folk world for nearly 20 years. With a voice which has been described as 'mesmerising' and 'siren-esque', and as a string player, she is probably best known as a member of TRADarrr and as a former member of Colvin Quarmby and The Jigantics and still plays occasionally with The Gerry Colvin Band.  Marion released her first solo album, Holding Space, in 2015 and can provide full string sections on recordings for anyone who can keep the tea flowing quickly enough. 

Marion plays a viola made by Robert Hull in her home city of Liverpool,  Bridge Instruments' violin and cello,Yamaha and Ibanez guitars and an Ozark mandolin. She can never find the power cable for her flash Zoom effects pedal, so is in the process of building a pedal train !




Friday 27th April 2018
  • 7:30 PM


Tickets: £10.00

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Doors open 45 minutes before the start of the show


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