Talking Heads by Alan Bennett

The Festival Players Presents:

Talking Heads by Alan Bennett


After the success of It's A Wonderful Life before Christmas,The Festival Players bring you three of Alan Bennett’s wonderful Talking Heads monologues:


A Lady of Letters, Bed among the Lentils and Her Big Chance were made famous on TV by Patricia Routledge, Maggie Smith and Julie Walters respectively.


In A Lady of Letters, Irene Ruddock's mother has died some years ago and she lives alone. A one-woman Neighbourhood Watch scheme, her habit of writing letters to the appropriate authorities gets ridiculously out-of-hand and lands her in prison. There, ironically, Miss Ruddock finds freedom and is, for possibly the first time, happy.


In Bed Among the Lentils, Susan, an alcoholic, nervous vicar's wife who has to travel into Leeds to go to the off-licence because of her debts with the local shop keeper, distracts herself from her ambitious, and, as she sees him, vainly-insensitive husband and his doting parishioners by conducting an affair with a nearby grocer, Ramesh Ramesh, discovering something about herself and God


In Her Big Chance meet Lesley, an actress who, after a series of unpromising extra roles on television programmes such as Crossroads, has just completed a video spends a remarkable amount of time topless and shoots a man with a harpoon gun. She tells all, blind to the sinister undertones of her story as well as to her own self-delusions and gullibility. 


"A touching and very funny playwright, Bennett manages to combine the satiric, cold eyed sharpness of Flaubert with an embracing human compassion." - The New York Post




Irene - Julie Easter

Susan - Amy Walters

Lesley - Victoria Price

This is an amateur production by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

This event is enreserved seating. Wheelchair users must book their entire party via the Box Office (no booking fee applies). Please arrive on time as latecomers can only be let in at a siutable break in the show. Doors open 1 hour before the show. Free Parking on site.



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