The Fairer Queens

The Tythe Barn Players Presents:

The Fairer Queens


The Tythe Barn Players present

The Fairer Queens

written by Angela Spencer


A King, A Historian and Four Queens of the past …..     All was not as fair as it seemed ……

Star guest Mike Farley appears in the larger-than-life role of Henry VIII which he has made his own.

King Henry commissions his historian Ralph Deadcock to scribe a historical investigation into his female ancestral line. In the process, four Queens literally become unearthed for this version of curiosities!!!Much to Ralph Deadcock's’s surprise they help him piece the puzzles together...

This historical yet humorous play brings no less than four Queens of England back from the dead. 

So come with us to a time of civil war between the houses of York and Lancaster, and meet Queen Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann and Lady Elizabeth, as Ralph Deadcock unravels their curious stories...


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