2 Paranormal Documentaries Plus Q & A

Raven Media Presents:

2 Paranormal Documentaries Plus Q & A

With: UK's Leading Paranormal Researcher Don Phillips


Demons In Seattle


The Brookdale Lodge – Special pre broadcast screening

2 Films, one amazing evening with Paranormal Documentary maker Don Phillips!

Demons In Seattle is a straight to the point documentary following the plight of a couple moving into their new home in Seattle plagued by Poltergeist activity and other phenomena including strange substances filmed seeping from the walls . Don Philips was called in on the case by The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology to get to the bottom of what was really happening in this Poltergeist Haunting.

Some believed it was all a hoax until footage of what was captured during the 7 day investigation was made public. Don Philips paranormal specialist and filmmaker later made this compelling documentary featuring as it happens evidence following the Investigation as it unfolds showcasing some remarkable evidence and his communications with entities as well as physical phenomena captured.


The Brookdale Lodge – Special pre broadcast screening

 Santa Cruz once played host to some of Hollywood’s biggest names of the golden era including James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and many more but was also a popular hangout for gangsters, soon murders, suicides and gangster related activity merged with that of paranormal activity.

Many report of the years of the sighting of a ghost child believed to be the ghost of Sarah Logan, other ghostly attacks and strange phenomena. Don Philips flew 5000 miles to team up with resident investigators ‘Santa Cruz Ghost hunters’ employing his knowledge and skills to dig deep into the history and reports of ghostly phenomena. Featuring more remarkable evidence and first hand witness testimonies, The Brookdale Lodge Uncovered is an exciting documentary which whether a believer or not will certainly leave you with questions.        




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