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To complement #Storytime, the performance by writer Joanne Harris, we present the movie adaptation of her 1999 book 'Chocolat' featuring a terrific cast: Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina and Johnny Depp.

"Magical and almost fairytale-like in theme, it's the story of the mysterious Vianne and her arrival in a quiet, old-fashioned French town at the end of the 1950s. Gradually her attitude to life and the delicacies that she prepares in her chocolate shop have a marked effect on the local people, bound as they are by the twin forces of religion and politics.

Juliette Binoche is perfect in the role of the sensuous, captivating Vianne--a masterstroke of casting matched by the performance of Judi Dench as the splendidly grumpy but ultimately inspiring matriarch Armande. Very much an ensemble piece, the whole cast are indeed excellent, with Johnny Depp (making a fair fist of an Irish accent) superb as the drifter Roux, the one man capable of unlocking Vianne's own desires. From its majestic opening swoop to the final, joyous scene, Lasse Hallström's film,  is nothing short of a masterpiece." - Phil Udell

This film is being shown as part of Coalville Writes 8th - 10th March. Click here for further information.



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