The Story of Amy Winehouse

The Story of Amy Winehouse



The Story of Amy Winehouse 

This year marks the beginning of a brand new theatre show paying homage to the late, great Amy Winehouse. Whilst there are many tribute acts with singers and backing tracks and even small bands out there, this show is the full package, an 8 piece band that really does take the audience through Amy's entire musical journey before her tragic passing in 2011. 

Delivered by the vocally impressive Leah Govier and her 8 piece backing band, including two backing vocalists and full brass section just like the band that Amy herself performed with, this entertaining show is full of songs not only from Winehouse's hit album, 'Back to Black', but her more jazz-influenced debut album 'Frank' and posthumously released work, 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures', including work she did with other renowned artists such as Tony Bennett, and her foray into the Reggae and Ska world. 

The show is seamlessly narrated as the audience are guided through the short but eclectic and fascinating career of one of the most iconic artists of the past fifty years. 




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