Technical Information


  • 7m wide by 6m deep by 3m head room. The wings are 1.5m wide.
  • Front and centre dividing curtains manually operated from the wings.
  • 10ft Projection screen in front of centre dividing curtain electrically raised and lowered.
  • 13A power sockets in wings and to rear of stage.
  • Laptop connection for video projector.
  • Stage box with 24 (+ 4 Return) XLR connections to lighting box


  • Lighting bar in auditorium with 6 * 15A sockets powered via dimmer pack. 6 * ETC Source 4 Jnr Profile lights
  • Lighting bars immediately in front of Proscenium, Down stage, mid stage, up stage and at back of stage.  Each with 13A power supplies and DMX feed
  • Variety of Overhead hung LED light fittings inc. 18 * Chauvet Colordash Par24, 2 Chauvet Colorado Quad Zoom, 3 * Chauvet Colorado Variable White zoom, 3 * Selecon PL1, 4 * Chauvet Rogue 1 Spot moving head lights, 5 LEDJ RGB panels.
  • 5 Chauvet ColorDash PAr18 LED lamps for floor mounting or flying from vertical bars in the wings.
  • 2 Chauvet Rogue 1 Spot moving head lights for floor mounting or from vertical poles.
  • LEDJ Pro Starcloth with RGB LED lights and various patterns
  • Zero 88 FLX lighting desk
  • QTX haze machine
  • Additional DMX points in wings

Download a copy of our lighting plan

Audio & Video

  • Allen & Heath Qu24 24 channel digital audio mixing desk.  Behringer 24 Channel analogue audio mixing desk.
  • 2 Martin Audio CDD10 differential dispersion speakers in auditorium.
  • 4 Martin CDD5 delay speakers for rear of auditorium.
  • 2 Martin Audio twin 2*12-9 Subwoofers.
  • 3 Crown XTi amplifiers with built in DSP.
  • 4 foldback monitors - 2 passive, 2 active (passives powered by a Work SP750 amplifier).
  • 5 SM58 (or equivalent) Microphones.
  • 4 Audio Technica AT 8033 Mics.
  • 4 Senheiser handheld radio mics.
  • 4 Senheiser body packs with lapel mic.
  • 6 Microphone boom stands.
  • 6 passive DI boxes.
  • 4 active RSS DI boxes.
  • Denon DN 700C media player.
  • CD/Blu Ray/DVD/VHS players.
  • Ceiling mounted video projector.
  • Laptop connections for video projector in Lighting box and on stage.
  • 24 send by 4 return multicore cable between stage and control booth.
  • 12 send by 4 return 15M multicore cable for use on stage. 

We keep a variety of XLR, DMX, Speakon and Powercon cables and adapters in stock but please check with us if you have particular requirements.


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