Technical Information


  • 7m wide by 6m deep by 3m head room. The wings are 1.5m wide.
  • Front and centre dividing curtains manually operated from the wings.
  • 10ft Projection screen in front of centre dividing curtain electrically raised and lowered.
  • 13A power sockets in wings and to rear of stage.
  • Laptop connection for video projector.
  • Stage box with 24 (+ 4 Return) XLR connections to lighting box


  • Lighting bar in auditorium with 6 * 15A sockets powered via dimmer pack. 6 * ETC Source 4 Jnr Profile lights
  • Lighting bars immediately in front of Proscenium, Down stage, mid stage, up stage and at back of stage.  Each with 13A power supplies and DMX feed
  • Variety of Overhead hung LED light fittings inc. 18 * Chauvet Colordash Par24, 2 Chauvet Colorado Quad Zoom, 3 * Chauvet Colorado Variable White zoom, 3 * Selecon PL1, 4 * Chauvet Rogue 1 Spot moving head lights, 5 LEDJ RGB panels.
  • 5 Chauvet ColorDash PAr18 LED lamps for floor mounting or flying from vertical bars in the wings.
  • LEDJ Pro Starcloth with RGB LED lights and various patterns
  • Zero 88 FLX lighting desk
  • QTX haze machine
  • Additional DMX points in wings

Download a copy of our lighting plan

Audio & Video

  • Allen & Heath Qu24 24 channel digital audio mixing desk.  Behringer 24 Channel analogue audio mixing desk.
  • 2 Martin Audio CDD10 differential dispersion speakers in auditorium.
  • 4 Martin CDD5 delay speakers for rear of auditorium.
  • 2 Martin Audio twin 2*12-9 Subwoofers.
  • 3 Crown XTi amplifiers with built in DSP.
  • 4 foldback monitors - 2 passive, 2 active (passives powered by a Work SP750 amplifier).
  • 5 SM58 (or equivalent) Microphones.
  • 4 Audio Technica AT 8033 Mics.
  • 4 Senheiser handheld radio mics.
  • 4 Senheiser body packs with lapel mic.
  • 6 Microphone boom stands.
  • 6 passive DI boxes.
  • 4 active RSS DI boxes.
  • Denon DN 700C media player.
  • CD/Blu Ray/DVD/VHS players.
  • Ceiling mounted video projector.
  • Laptop connections for video projector in Lighting box and on stage.
  • 24 send by 4 return multicore cable between stage and control booth.
  • 12 send by 4 return 15M multicore cable for use on stage. 

We keep a variety of XLR, DMX, Speakon and Powercon cables and adapters in stock but please check with us if you have particular requirements.

Technical Guide

For schools and academies of theatre, music and dance we have written some technical guidance notes that we hope will help you put on your show.


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