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Tickets £14 - £18

Main theatre

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    The Rumpus Theatre Company presents the hilarious new farce for today As It Comes! by John Goodrum.

    Brian Stevens and Timothy Davies both work for the Marvellous Marketing Company. When each are invited to dream up a campaign for a new wonder drug, the rivalry is rife to see which of their schemes will win the contract. But with colleagues coming on board and espionage not eschewed, plans start to unravel, before they go disastrously and uproariously wrong!


    From the Rumpus Theatre Company:

    Caught in the Net was “hilarious, laugh your socks off fun … one of the funniest nights out of the year” (Windsor Observer )

    Funny Money was “a whole lot of laughs. … a thoroughly uproarious time is had by all, especially the audience” (Derbyshire Times).

    John Goodrum’s The Comedy of Terrors! was “a farcical and hilarious couple of hours … fabulous!” (Bracknell News)

    Who’s Who! was “two hours of fast, furious fun” (Derbyshire Times).

    As It Comes! in the best tradition of mistaken identities and cover-ups promises much, much more of the same …

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