Our vision is to offer a welcoming, enjoyable and worry-free experience for all our our customers, throughout their visit.  To support this we have the following facilities available:

Induction loop – An induction loop system is installed in our auditorium.

Electric lift – The lift is located at the front of the theatre to ease access to the main foyer.  The lift is 144cm x 96cm and has a maximum loading capacity of 500kg. The roughly equates to six people standing, or one wheelchair user accompanied by one person standing.

Indoor ramps – We have a number of ramps, creating easy access around the theatre.

Wheelchair – A wheelchair is available free of charge, for those who have difficulty using stairs.

Priority seats – Two priority seats are available for wheelchair users, one on either side of the front row.  They are on a very slight decline angle.

Toilets – One accessible toilet is available, fitted with assistance alarms that can be activated by a pull cord. Transfer via a wheelchair is from head on only. This toilet also has an automatic light sensor.

Bar – A lowered bar serving area is available.

Parking – For evening events, our parking team will assist customers with specific mobility requirements, to ensure they can be dropped off as close to the theatre entrance as possible. Disabled parking bays are also available.

Moving around – To help you plan ahead and consider the size of the venue, we’ve provided an indication in footsteps:

  • Main entrance stairs to the first floor – 9 steps
  • Stairs between first and second floor – 8 steps
  • Auditorium fire exits – 5 or 6 steps

Emergency – In case of emergency, we have ‘dragmats’ located on site, as well as fully trained staff on hand to assist.


We constantly monitor the site to identify possible improvements and welcome feedback.  If you have any questions about access or additional needs we’re here to help.