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    We celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first season of the Century Theatre alongside Black History month with our very own take on Othello, the beginnings.

    Produced by Purple Theatre CIC in association with 1623 Theatre Company and generous funders, this prequel gives insight into how the characters arrive at the beginning of Shakespeare’s tragic play. Very much different to the original 1952 production, which premiered almost 70 years ago to the day and saw the exciting first season of the brand new Century Theatre in Hinckley, as it was then.

    Othello RE:MX takes place in a post-apocalyptic industrial setting. This prequel concentrates on the rise of Othello and love between Othello, Iago and Desdemona as they career through their dystopian world to a superb background of electronic music, digital backdrops and dark landscapes.

    The piece comes with free school/group tickets on October 7th at 1pm (over 11 years of age).

    Under 24s, over 65s and those on a low income are also entitled to free tickets.

    On Saturday 8 October at 8pm be part of the audience as the Century Theatre  film a live on-stage version of Othello, remixed and reimagined.  In exchange for free tickets to watch this spectacular show, you will consent to being filmed in the auditorium and participating as members of the audience. Email with the subject Othello RE:MX and clearly state how many tickets you would like to reserve. Seats will then be allocated on a first come first served basis on the night (Saturday 8 October 8pm).

    Please note the piece contains staged violence, replica weapons, and flashing lights (not strobe).

    The piece incorporates CREATIVE CAPTIONS that are projected onto the set and are best viewed from Rows F to J.

    Any questions on this please, contact our Box Office.

    This is a pay what you feel event so there are at least two price options for each seat.  Please select the one you feel most comfortable with.


    OTHELLO -Also known as 07[-]3110

    Sam Beckett Jr

    IAGO -Also known as 1460

    Jamie Brown

    DESDEMONA -Also known as [)35[)3/\/\0/\4

    Lara Steward

    CASSIO -Also known as {45510

    Niaz Stephenson (also plays Guard 1)

    Soldier 1

    Annessa Dunkley

    Creative Team

    Lead Choreographer 

    Kim Bormann

    Additional Choreographers

    Maria Slack and Niaz Stephenson


    Jim Kitson

    Shakespeare Consultant, Dramaturg and Creative Captions

    Ben Spiller

    Stage Manager 

    Sarah Miles

    Produced/Directed by

    Purple Theatre CIC with kind assistance from 1623 Theatre Company, supported by Grand Plan and National Lottery.

    Blonde haired girl with back to camera, one black arm and one white arm rest on her back intertwined



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