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    Purple Theatre in association with 1623 Theatre Company and Century Theatre present

    Othello RE:MX – an epic new show based on Shakespeare‘s classic play

    It’s the year 2132 in post-apocalyptic Britain – an industrial dystopia trying to rebuild itself.

    Prisoner 071-1414 (Othala) is held in a repopulation centre where meditation is her only escape.

    Guard 1460 (Iago) starts his new job to oversee the daily ordeal for inmates.

    How long can they both endure the brutal traumas of this intense oppression? And how can they ever break free?

    Find out in this powerful and moving new show exploring what it means to find freedom, transform and thrive as your authentic self.

    Based on Shakespeare’s Othello, this is a breathtaking fusion of dubstep, dance and digital with poignant snippets of Shakespeare’s text and integrated creative captions.

    Othello RE:MX is supported by Arts Council England.

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